Meaning of lower-ranking in English:



  • Having an inferior rank or position in a particular hierarchy.

    ‘lower-ranking union officials’
    • ‘However, accounts of complaining prisoners being beaten or harassed by lower-ranking personnel were much more common.’
    • ‘Nevertheless she played secondary roles - the team reserve, lower-ranking international competitions.’
    • ‘The fast-moving insurgency is forcing lower-ranking officers, who spend more time in the field, to take a more prominent role.’
    • ‘Their denial is implausible, however, since lower-ranking officials would hardly have made a decision with such far-reaching consequences on their own.’
    • ‘The player with the lower-ranking top reserve card begins play; for this purpose cards rank from King (high) to Ace (low).’
    • ‘A hanging tag identified him as one of the infirmary's lower-ranking aides.’
    • ‘"When making introductions," the major was saying, "you always introduce the lower-ranking person to the higher rank first."’
    • ‘Security vendors have not been slow to use the report to reinforce one of their key messages - that security needs to become a board-level responsibility, not the preserve of lower-ranking techies.’
    • ‘High-ranking officers enjoyed spacious accommodations and excellent mess facilities, but lower-ranking officers were often separated from their families, crammed into tiny cabins, and, until the 1930s, forced to wear the dress uniform when on deck.’
    • ‘Now, only regional or division commanders can order the raids, instead of the lower-ranking brigade commanders.’