Meaning of lower case in English:

lower case

Pronunciation /ˌləʊə ˈkeɪs/


mass noun
  • Small letters as opposed to capital letters (upper case)

    ‘the name may be typed in lower case’
    • ‘lower-case letters’
    • ‘Of these we have given both the upper case and lower case versions of the 24 classical letters.’
    • ‘That author gave brown in lower case and Betty in upper case; and, in default of evidence to the contrary, it seems best to go along with the view that Betty is here a proper name.’
    • ‘Capital letters generally are larger than lower-case letters.’
    • ‘Begin your title with a capital letter, then follow with lower-case letters.’
    • ‘Print an alphabet letter, either capital or lower case or both, on the boxes.’
    • ‘For the sake of simplicity we shall disregard lower-case letters and settle for typing all to be in capitals, and we shall disregard leap years.’
    • ‘Actually, I pretty much agree - if I'd known it was going to be in upper and lower case lettering when I wrote the script, I certainly wouldn't have used so many stressed words.’
    • ‘Minuscule script, which developed around 800 AD, consisted of lower case letters and was much more compact and easy to read.’
    • ‘Several researchers have shown that presenting a cue word in upper-case letters relative to the majority of lower-case words results in superior prospective memory performance.’
    • ‘All digits, primes, and target stimuli were presented in lower case letters, in the font Helvetica, bold, and size 24.’
    • ‘Yes, one of the world's most unfriendly companies had transformed itself into a ‘friendly, open, trusted’ organisation simply by using lower-case letters and some pastel colours.’
    • ‘Use passwords that are difficult to guess - combine upper- and lower-case letters and numbers, for instance, rather than use common nicknames or pets' names.’
    • ‘And so the idea of Hungarian notation was born, in which each variable is prefixed by lower-case letters indicating useful things about it.’
    • ‘That's been true ever since personal computers started being able to use lower-case letters more than 20 years ago.’
    • ‘The most distinctive element of the typeface is its enormous lower-case x-height.’
    • ‘Designed in bright colors to be more welcoming and friendly, the new logo features Broder spelled in all lower case, with each letter a different color.’
    • ‘The function to return the calling name returned it in lower case under Version 3.’
    • ‘We always recommend that passwords should include a mix of letters and numbers, upper and lower case and should be as random as possible.’
    • ‘The liner notes are notable as well, but why are they in lower case, and in an 8-point sans serif font?’
    • ‘It's five characters, all alphas, and probably all lower case.’


Referring originally to the lower of two cases of type positioned on an angled stand for use by a compositor (see upper case).