Meaning of lower class in English:

lower class

Pronunciation /ləʊə ˈklɑːs/

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treated as singular or plural
  • The social group that has the lowest status in society; the working class.

    ‘in popular fiction of the past, villains were usually of the lower class’
    • ‘the highest mortality was found in the lower classes’
    • ‘The society is made up of the wealthy upper class, the middle class, and the working or lower class.’
    • ‘But all the projects are aimed at either the upper class, the middle class or lower class, there is nothing for the absolute poor.’
    • ‘I'm so sorry for the gap between the middle class and the lower class.’
    • ‘We need rules to help the upper class and control the lower class.’
    • ‘The lower class does the work and the upper class gets the recognition.’
    • ‘Our textbook, does not spend as much time talking about the lower class as it does the middle class.’
    • ‘That is where the military gets its soldiers, from the economically underprivileged, badly educated lower class.’
    • ‘The lower class is brewing bitter resentment against the rich.’
    • ‘He rises from the lower class and meets many adventures, but all the while, he remembers Estella.’
    • ‘Teenage smoking is a rite of passage for the lower class in Ireland.’
    • ‘Come on, we are students, we're the lower class of the future, you might as well start demoralizing us now.’
    • ‘They are not supporting us and it's the lower class that suffers all the time.’
    • ‘As an adult, the only way out of the lower class is more schooling or a big change in your life.’
    • ‘Allow the rich to buy and get whatever they want, leaving many struggling middle and lower class Americans to pick up the balance.’
    • ‘Living amongst the lower class of London all of the time had certainly made Cate much more adept at blending in.’
    • ‘He was happy to tell me everything he knew about lower class being unfairly dismissed.’
    • ‘You know, the middle class and the lower class, they're not confused about this issue.’
    • ‘During the nineteenth century, the suburb was transformed from a space for social outcasts and the lower classes to a space for the elite.’
    • ‘In all this he equated crowds with the working and lower classes.’
    • ‘It too utilized national sacrifice and national sentiment to justify social justice for the lower classes.’


  • Relating to or characteristic of the lower class.

    ‘a lower-class area’
    • ‘It is also true that high-risk characteristics are common in lower-class communities.’
    • ‘Granted, it is a lower-class area, but the majority of the people living there make no effort to improve their lives.’
    • ‘In urban areas, lower-class men work in crafts, manufacturing, and low-paid service industries.’
    • ‘Her character is a lower-class girl, resourceful and beautiful.’
    • ‘It was common for many lower-class families to have similar views.’
    • ‘The changed economic scenario also had very different consequences for lower-class working women.’
    • ‘They knew that a lower-class commoner had somehow caught the eye of the young Queen on one of her forays into the country.’
    • ‘Yet we also know that few teachers consciously discriminate against lower-class children or deliberately give them undeservedly poor marks.’
    • ‘The film depicted a rich and selfish woman stranded on a tropical island with her rugged lower-class manservant, their roles switched almost immediately upon being stranded.’
    • ‘While drug use has been found to reflect percentages similar to the entire population, drug dealing is often thought to be a lower-class minority phenomenon.’
    • ‘Your films tend to follow a theme of lower-class people with upper-class dreams, trying to escape their situations.’
    • ‘The first is pretty lower class and accounts for the minority of returns.’
    • ‘In the novel, Darcy is very high class, and Lizzie is slightly lower class.’
    • ‘In Edwardian times many lower class woman would work as servants or maids for upper class families.’
    • ‘I, on the other hand, would be considered stupid or worse, lower class.’
    • ‘They were lower class, and lacked the basic human civil rights that the rest of the country had.’
    • ‘The lower class population of Rome was seriously and systematically under-represented.’
    • ‘She never let any of this go to her head though and remained as selfconscious as any lower class girl would in the presence of such luxury.’
    • ‘He's the only other poor lower class type I've ever met who was revolutionary minded.’
    • ‘They're all missing out, because it didn't take long to master and he writes about the lower class criminal types so well.’
    low-ranking, low, lowly, lower-class, plebeian, proletarian, working-class, undistinguished, poor, mean, ignoble, of low birth, low-born, of low rank