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lower deck

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  • 1The deck of a ship situated immediately above the hold.

    ‘There is access to the lower deck and engine room but this is a tight squeeze and not really worth the effort.’
    • ‘Some of the earliest material relates to life on the lower deck between 1910-22, and is full of detail about training, conditions on board ship and relations between different Naval branches.’
    • ‘In the alley on the lower deck, I find seamen from all over India sharing jokes and working with clinical efficiency.’
    • ‘She tramped through the lower deck and had moved on to the upper deck when she caught sight of a rain drenched Shane.’
    • ‘The lift was quiet as the two descended to the lower deck where the pilot was being held.’
    • ‘There were storage rooms and equipment chambers for the ship's systems in the center of the vessel, where they had been moved from the lower deck of the old model.’
    • ‘Once she got outside, the captain's chambers were on the other side of the lower deck.’
    • ‘The lower deck was built upon the horizontal timbers which supported the top of the inside planks, and this unfortunately limited the headroom available for those who had to live there to about 1.3 metres.’
    • ‘Walking down the stairs into the lower deck, she had to cringe - the banister was caked with dust and cobwebs, and the stairs made the worst creaking sound imaginable.’
    • ‘Daniel went into the elevator to the lower deck.’
    • ‘After dinner two of the guys invited Roxanne and Grace to attend a show on the lower deck that night and two others asked Kelsie and Madison up to the top deck where the club was located.’
    • ‘We went down to the lower deck, and ate some lunch by the buffet table.’
    • ‘He slid down the trail to the lower deck and followed Cassy's trail.’
    • ‘The lower deck was a series of small rooms and a ladder leading up to the deck.’
    • ‘You can sit at a table and eat your meal with friends on the lower deck.’
    • ‘They can stroll to the bar, or perhaps down to a gym on the lower deck, next to the cargo hold.’
    • ‘On a steamship he had to occupy the lower deck in the bow.’
    • ‘A couple of hours into our stay, the stewardesses open two doors on the lower deck.’
    • ‘Bending could have been prevented by constructing the lower deck of the Ark out of logs, four layers deep, instead of planks.’
    • ‘There are always a few loud ones who congregate on the lower deck and launch straight into conversations about the last job they did.’
    1. 1.1The petty officers and crew of a ship, collectively.
      ‘poetry and music were pastimes of both upper and lower deck’
      • ‘Did the captain take a democratic vote of the lower deck before deciding to permit the celebration of Satanism?’
      • ‘Always solicitous towards the concerns of the lower deck, Rodney conspicuously failed in his relations with brother officers, and his ill-starred quest for wealth could prejudice his commands out of a greed for prize money.’