Meaning of lower plants in English:

lower plants

plural noun

  • Plants of relatively simple or primitive characteristics, especially those which are not vascular plants, i.e. algae, mosses, liverworts, and sometimes fungi.

    ‘This has enforced a ‘dry’ mode of pollination in contrast to the motile ‘wet’ mode of gamete penetration still found in lower plants and some primitive gymnosperms (cycads, Gingko).’
    • ‘It has also been found in lower plants, green algae, and diatoms.’
    • ‘In many lower plants, the gametophyte phase is the dominant plant form; for example, the familiar mosses are the gametophyte form of the plants.’
    • ‘Stromules are widespread in higher and lower plants.’
    • ‘Abscisic acid functions as a stress hormone in higher and lower plants.’