Meaning of lower sixth in English:

lower sixth


  • The first year of sixth form, typically for students aged between 16 and 17 and preparing for AS levels.

    ‘they are going to be working harder in the lower sixth’
    • ‘lower sixth students’
    • ‘The untouchable champ of the Lower Sixth had recently been made Head Boy of his metropolitan English school.’
    • ‘I was in the lower sixth at the time and, as a girl in a northern comprehensive, I was actively discouraged by my teachers from making an Oxford application.’
    • ‘Like my younger self, most of my lower-sixth audience came across as believers in the principle of free speech.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to moving into Lower Sixth.’
    • ‘Year 9 and Lower Sixth exchange with sister schools in France, Germany, Austria and Spain.’
    • ‘A survey of schools this year found that around half of teachers still believed lower-sixth students were struggling to cope.’
    • ‘Today's system means sixth formers now get six units—three in AS which they start in lower sixth, and three in A2 which they study in the upper sixth.’
    • ‘I had just started in Lower Sixth of the same school I had attended for five years.’
    • ‘We used to play music on the lower sixth's tape player.’
    • ‘For all students, transfer from lower sixth to upper sixth will be conditional upon their record and upon AS examination results.’