Meaning of lowish in English:



See low

‘I take my daily aspirin dutifully, along with my anti-cholesterol tablet, and I generally stick to a sensible diet, lowish in fat, practically devoid of refined sugar, and high in vegetables and fruit.’
  • ‘The greatest risk appears to be in people whose top number on the blood pressure machine is high, the systolic pressure, while the bottom number, the diastolic, may be on the lowish side.’
  • ‘We have imported from the US a moral appendage to our lowish tax economy that involves the government encouraging people to take more control over certain aspects of their lives.’
  • ‘Then again, I'm not an expert on the Marines, but my guess is that a bassoon might rank lowish on the list of the things the ideal recruit would be expected to show up with.’
  • ‘So there are potentially dangers of treating men with slightly lowish testosterone levels with testosterone because you can actually cause damage by doing that.’