Meaning of loxodrome in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɒksədrəʊm/


another term for rhumb (sense 1)
‘In fact, if the birds were to follow loxodromes, maintaining fixed geographic courses, the vast majority would migrate towards Greenland.’
  • ‘The problem of calculating loxodromes is exactly the problem of the fundamental theorem of calculus.’
  • ‘The ring of mass traces out the full path of the loxodrome from one pole to the other pole and back.’
  • ‘The obscure concepts of the rhumb line, the loxodrome, and spherical trigonometry were also beyond their grasp.’
  • ‘It is an interesting exercise to compare loxodromes on a Mercator map with courses on a globe with the same end points.’
  • ‘Since a loxodrome is not a great circle, it follows that by tracking a loxodrome a longer distance must be traveled compared to a great circle line.’
  • ‘Near the equator the separate loxodromes are nearly right lines.’
  • ‘For the first time, sea captains had maps showing loxodromes as straight lines.’
  • ‘The Mercator projection was developed especially for navigators, and presents straight lines as loxodromes.’
  • ‘All other loxodromes, e.g. the direction NW, trace spiral paths that converge on either the north or south pole.’
  • ‘This is the second Mercator chart showing Lindbergh's route as a series of 500 mile-long loxodromes approximating the great circle route from New York to Paris.’
  • ‘The map is drawn on Mercator's projection with loxodromes.’
  • ‘How Mercator did this is as follows: the meridians and parallels must be arranged so that the loxodromes cut the meridians at constant angles.’