Meaning of Lozi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈləʊzi/

nounplural noun Lozi, plural noun Lozis

  • 1A member of an African people living mainly in western Zambia.

    ‘Among the Lozis of Western Province, the chief's councillors could pass a vote of no confidence in the Litunga if he failed to rule competently.’
    • ‘A troop of traditionally dressed Lozis paddle it with pride.’
    • ‘He said it was not good to have the alliance because the Kazanga ceremony was for the Nkoyas while the Kuomboka was for Lozis.’
    • ‘To stop a Lozi from eating fish is as good as stopping a drunkard from drinking.’
    • ‘We became friends and stayed in contact for many years after that, for Mukelabai was a Lozi and could understand almost everything we were saying.’
  • 2mass noun The Bantu language of the Lozi, with about 450,000 speakers.

    ‘Laced with mostly traditional songs from Northern, Eastern and Western Provinces, the album is in four languages, which include Lozi, Bemba, Nyanja and Bisa.’
    • ‘The main vernacular languages are Bemba, Lozi, Luanda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, and Tumbuka.’
    • ‘Other large languages are Tonga, Luvale, and Lozi.’
    • ‘Saboi said Kaondes can look-forward to two songs which she has done in their language, a first for her having only sang in Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga and Lozi before.’
    • ‘He makes sure that he doesn't miss discussions and phone-in programmes conducted in Lozi on any of the two local community radio stations.’


  • Relating to the Lozi or their language.

    ‘Every year during the rainy season as the floodwater of the upper Zambezi River valley rises, the Lozi people make a ceremonial move to higher ground.’
    • ‘Lewanika had arranged to lay on an exhibition and demonstration of traditional Lozi crafts in the Barotse Centre.’
    • ‘A traditional ruler of the Lozi people in Senanga submitted in his individual capacity that there should be a clause in the Constitution to ensure that retired people were given their dues on time.’
    • ‘Formed to harness products of this centuries old depiction of the Lozi way of life, the Mumwa Crafts Association came to being in Mongu in 1994 to develop and promote the crafts.’
    • ‘The Lozi people have traditionally been known to be cattle herders, it is just about the most economically and viable activity for the majority of people in the area.’
    • ‘For instance the Lozi tribe completely surrounds their compound with a fence.’
    • ‘A Lozi tradition is to eat porridge off of a stone to bless the couple.’
    • ‘In the introduction we learn about the early history of the Lozi heartland, called Barotseland by the British, and now incorporated in the western part of present-day Zambia.’
    • ‘In the 17th century the Luyana people had conquered the peoples of the Upper Zambezi and founded the linguistic Lozi group, which takes in one quarter of the Zambian population.’
    • ‘He financed his first trip, from 1872 to 1879, by working as a doctor in the Kimberley diamond fields, from where he organized trips to the north into the Lozi reign as far as Zambia.’
    • ‘And on her album, these include Musokwe, a love song and her favourite, Ngulube, a track about a promiscuous man, Musihale, a Lozi track translated in English as Goodbye and Belu.’
    • ‘She discussed a Lozi royal ritual invented during the colonial period and reinvented more recently to reflect the changing political climate.’
    • ‘In a working environment, for instance, if the President was Lozi, his tribes people would take strong exception to workmates who were criticising his rule.’


Alocal name.