Meaning of lucha libre in English:

lucha libre

Pronunciation /ˌluːtʃə ˈliːbreɪ/

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mass noun
  • A type of professional wrestling originating in Mexico, in which the contestants wear masks and use rapid, acrobatic techniques.

    ‘wrestlers and fans discuss the main tenets of lucha libre and how these are reflected in their own lives’
    • ‘Welcome to lucha libre, freestyle wrestling with a Bolivian twist.’
    • ‘The God of lucha libre, his popularity crossed over into a series of highly successful movies.’
    • ‘The next night, Friday, July 27, at midnight, it's lucha libre time.’
    • ‘In Mexico Santo is the most popular wrestler ever and the greatest lucha libre wrestler.’
    • ‘Edward lived in a Mexican monastery where the cook was a fat mustachioed dude with a fondness for lucha libre wrestling.’
    • ‘El Santo's success in the ring and on the screen also paved the way for several of his fellow countrymen to become lucha libre stars.’
    • ‘You've obviously been influenced a lot by lucha libre and the puroresu styles of wrestling.’
    • ‘Yesterday Mark, Josecito, and I headed off to a boxing gym in midtown to be extras in a short film Tory Vazquez is making about lucha libre wrestlers.’
    • ‘ColorLines caught up with him recently at his home base in San Francisco, where he's surrounded by Tijuana velvet artwork, lucha libre memorabilia, and other pop culture artifacts.’
    • ‘Bill said that Ultimo is "still caught up in that lucha libre style" and that because Ultimo hasn't adjusted to the "WWE style", it has cost him some opportunities.’


Spanish, ‘freestyle wresting’.