Meaning of luchador in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːtʃədɔː/

nounplural noun luchadors, plural noun luchadores/luːtʃəˈdɔːreɪz/

  • A person who competes in lucha libre wrestling.

    ‘kids jumped into the ring and surrounded the luchadores to get their autographs’
    • ‘The girl behind me in the queue was here because her grandfather made the masks and costumes for some of the luchadores.’
    • ‘You are handsome and proud in the tradition of many of the best Mexican luchadors and I look forward to each of your articles.’
    • ‘Do you agree that the mystique of the luchadors is dead?’
    • ‘For those unaware, this is Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess' sophomore film starring Jack Black as a Mexican luchador.’
    • ‘I was doing it because I did a lot of research on the luchadors [Mexican wrestlers] throughout history and all of them were totally hairless.’
    • ‘Match begins with all luchadors brawling in and out of the ring.’
    • ‘Some of the luchadors were really cool and some were real jerks.’
    • ‘The greatest luchador of all time, Mil Mascaras was "the Man of 1,000 masks" and even more moves.’
    • ‘Having heard about the Mexican "luchadores enmascarados" films, which are genre movies starring masked wrestlers, I got curious about them.’
    • ‘So, I'm watching these Mexican luchador wrestlers doing their thing, and I get tagged in and now it's my turn.’
    • ‘RVD has the physique of a heavyweight and the heart of a luchadore.’
    • ‘The Lilliputian luchador always looks cool in his matching mask and tights.’
    • ‘Once things are being settled down somewhat I put on my finest luchador mask and pack my bags for my bus trip to the bright lights and big city of Bakersfield, California.’
    • ‘IT MAKES SENSE THAT A PROFESSIONAL wrestler who is expertly trained in submission wrestling, can fly like a luchador, and is technically proficient would be very popular.’
    • ‘Director Rich Walton shares in the day-to-day lives of Dinamic and a few other luchadores who wrestle for the promotion as they prepare for a giant free-for-all.’
    • ‘The diminutive luchador comes up through the floor of the stage and launches high into the air, setting the tone for the fast-paced action that is about to take place.’
    • ‘There were 20-year veteran luchadors standing around looking at me like what did I do to earn this spot when they had been in the promotion forever?’
    • ‘Vendetta essentially emphasized different types of brawlers, i.e. cruiserweights, heavyweights, luchadores and other classes in between.’
    • ‘Ever since Britney discovered the alcohols and the nicotines, and Christina got her backside out and started punching women in luchadore masks, "wholesome" hasn't really been stocked in the contemporary pop supermarket.’
    • ‘There are many game-type booths for the younger luchadors to test their skill at punching rotten melons.’


Spanish, ‘fighter, wrestler’.