Meaning of luck out in English:

luck out

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phrasal verb

informal North American
  • Achieve success or advantage by good luck.

    • ‘I lucked out and found a wonderful woman’
    • ‘I can't afford to do that often… so he lucks out there.’
    • ‘I don't really care about getting a gift from a stranger, or sending one to a stranger (although that year I lucked out and got someone I know.)’
    • ‘Some last minute shoppers might luck out as retailers boost perks to lure shoppers.’
    • ‘I'll tell you, if he is anything like Ronny, you will have really lucked out.’
    • ‘And I lucked out, actually, because there were around 5 sets of exams (each with different questions), and I happened to get the one with the stuff I knew.’
    • ‘And his personality is a thousand times more attractive than his appearance… so I guess I really lucked out.’
    • ‘There was a time when I thought I had just lucked out, but now I'm starting to appreciate the amount of work it took.’
    • ‘I must have lucked out, my first three West End records are still my favourite.’
    • ‘I really lucked out there, she's a wonderful person.’
    • ‘After my sophomore year in college, during a grueling search for a summer job that would be commensurate with my skills and elegant manner, I lucked out and was hired by a large hospital as an orderly.’
    • ‘She had lucked out this time, not like the time she had ended up with the dinosaurs surrounding her, nor the time she'd found herself in the middle of a forest, halfway up a tree with a bear underneath her.’
    • ‘He broke his arm once but lucked out because the team had an off-week and, ‘with the help of medicine and needles,’ punted the following game.’
    • ‘‘I think I lucked out with this booking,’ admits Williams, who has answered the phone at the right time on more than one occasion.’
    • ‘Someone who retired on, say, January 1, 2000, might have lucked out.’
    • ‘I really lucked out because I knew what I wanted to be.’
    • ‘Still, I lucked out in my situation, unlike my brother.’
    • ‘The two of them lucked out to have the same schedules.’
    • ‘The state lucked out last year, thanks to a cool summer.’
    • ‘I'd never even heard of them before but I really lucked out.’
    • ‘I really lucked out because I knew what I wanted to be.’