Meaning of lucky break in English:

lucky break


  • A piece of good luck, especially one that leads to success.

    • ‘he got the lucky break that helped him enter showbiz’
    • ‘He and his family lived in abject poverty until a lucky break enabled him to make a comeback.’
    • ‘As enviable as his success is to the thousands of singers looking for their lucky break on New York's club circuit, some are sounding notes of caution.’
    • ‘Her lucky break into the world of TV catering came when the agency recommended her to the production company — her reputation for mouth-watering delights preceded her.’
    • ‘My lucky break was finding a job straight away after finishing my design course.’
    • ‘He credits his rapid rise to "a couple of lucky breaks" and to "people who took some chances on me".’
    • ‘Her next lucky break came when she was offered a temporary job at a law firm.’
    • ‘I had a lucky break when I left school, getting a job on local radio earning way above the odds.’
    • ‘For this family, finding a home in an affordable housing scheme was a lucky break.’
    • ‘She afforded Alex the opportunities he'd needed to gain scholarships and lucky breaks.’
    • ‘If you play football and feel that you are good enough to be on a county team, but never got the lucky break you needed, this may be your chance.’