Meaning of lucky charm in English:

lucky charm

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  • An object or person that is thought to bring good luck.

    ‘this photo is his lucky charm’
    • ‘she's proving to be something of a lucky charm’
    • ‘Many racers have a lucky charm they can't race without.’
    • ‘He's proving to be something of a lucky charm because whenever he scores, they win.’
    • ‘Many of us put our survival down to lucky charms.’
    • ‘He also led us out when we won the play-offs so maybe he is a lucky charm.’
    • ‘Bingo players can be a superstitious lot, with 50 per cent of them carrying a lucky charm or performing a lucky ritual before they play.’
    • ‘My wife gives me one of the lucky charms she carries in her purse.’
    • ‘During the war years, she reportedly became a lucky charm as wherever she was posted, the bombing stopped.’
    • ‘He's a bit of a lucky charm for us.’
    • ‘They wear lucky charms around their necks and arms.’
    • ‘The captain says that he doesn't believe in luck and there's no such thing as a lucky charm.’