Meaning of lucky shop in English:

lucky shop


informal Australian
  • (in Victoria) a government-run agency where bets can be placed on races and other events.

    • ‘had I invested my usual $10 each way, I figure I'd have collected around $150 at the lucky shop’
    • ‘Brian has two special loves: the tracking road and the lucky shop.’
    • ‘He was intrigued by the number of people at the so-called 'Lucky Shop' frittering away all kinds of money on undisciplined quadrella betting.’
    • ‘It was not fair to the proprietors of lucky shops that might be in the same towns as hotels that had a direct telephone betting service.’
    • ‘Just about everyone succumbs—from medium-size children with badly concealed headphones in school desks to bumptious matrons who sorely test the floor space of every lucky shop in the land.’
    • ‘If, like me, you have found yourself in a lucky shop wondering what to do with your last $20 for the week, there's one team you can invest your finances in with great confidence.’