Meaning of lucratively in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːkrətɪvli/


See lucrative

‘The way we eat now, especially in America, is not only wrong in itself, it produces the appetites which it then so abundantly and lucratively supplies.’
  • ‘The very lucratively paid Canadians are embarrassingly, shamelessly scrabbling for excuses as to why they were well-beaten by a much better team of non-professionals.’
  • ‘There are several, for example, who have served in the top ranks of Government and who get generous monthly pensions, and yet are lucratively employed elsewhere.’
  • ‘Persistent complaints from residents in urban housing areas has led to the move, which may see local dog owners getting lovely friendly advice from lucratively paid specialists.’
  • ‘We want business to do business in Johannesburg easily, lucratively and safely.’