Meaning of Lucullan in English:


Pronunciation /l(j)uːˈkʌlən/


  • (especially of food) extremely luxurious.

    ‘a Lucullan repast for one’
    • ‘Contrary to their plain and simple overtones, I could imagine the dishes being used in elaborate Lucullan feasts (think beets and pot de creme).’
    • ‘If you fly a lot of long hauls, you stop caring much about Lucullan meals or endless wine; you just want to sleep.’
    • ‘On the first night of their honeymoon cruise, Betty and Dean enjoyed a Lucullan feast of champagne, salmon pate, lobster, and caviar in the ship's elegant dining room.’
    • ‘Imagine that you are nearing the end of a Lucullan dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Dublin.’
    • ‘A Lucullan banquet of grilled, roasted, marinated and fried fish was supplemented with such delicacies as purple basil, a preposterously wide variety of fresh mozzarella and something which, I was assured, was called the peach nut, an item that shared characteristics of both and yet neither.’
    luxurious, luxury, sumptuous, palatial, opulent, splendid, magnificent, lavish, grand, rich, superior, high-class, quality, exclusive, choice, select, elegant, well appointed, fancy


Mid 19th century from the name of Licinius Lucullus, Roman general of the 1st century BC, famous for giving lavish banquets, + -an.