Meaning of ludicrousness in English:



See ludicrous

‘Confronted with the sheer ludicrousness and futility of the whole system, we just don't know what to do.’
  • ‘I'm not sure whether the joke itself (the ludicrousness of '80s television) is a little thin, or whether I'm the wrong age to find the parody new and/or exciting.’
  • ‘The ludicrousness of this assertion gives new life to the old line about some things being so preposterous it takes an educated person to believe them.’
  • ‘The ludicrousness of the whole situation and the fact that everything is completely out of control suddenly strikes me and I start to laugh hysterically.’
  • ‘The possible ludicrousness of what I was doing can probably be expressed properly when I say that the bus passes by my house every day.’