Meaning of luge in English:


Pronunciation /luː(d)ʒ/


  • 1A light toboggan for one or two people, ridden in a sitting or supine position.

    ‘I met Karmen and Elle at the top again, the two of them breathless from trying to figure out how to control their luges.’
    • ‘Visions of tobogganing, the luge and downhill skiing all filled my head as I put together yet another estimate - this time to remove the water pump for inspection and replace it if required.’
    • ‘I have also mentioned an incident that happened to me in January this year, when my son and I sought to buy 10 tickets to ride the luge in Rotorua.’
    • ‘So riding the luge is a mixture of falling down a hill and laughing while doing so, and pushing and pulling handlebars.’
    • ‘If you're brave or stupid and an adrenaline junkie, then the 88 mph, headfirst slide down the icy canal on a luge should suit you down to the ground’
    • ‘The boats can haul twice the gear of a backpack, glide as effortlessly as a snowboard, and thrill like a luge.’
    • ‘But squeeze him into a bodysuit, stick him on a luge, and he is a sporting legend.’
    • ‘Indeed, the ones who do it balanced atop a luge are so brave that they probably deserve some kind of counselling to go with the medals.’
    • ‘Now she gets that same rush riding the luge.’
    • ‘She and her brothers rode homemade luges, explored caves, and jumped from train trestles into tree branches.’
    • ‘Besides automobiles, DTS has also tested an Olympic one-man luge, high-speed racing motorcycle, the University of Michigan solar team car and a land-speed record vehicle.’
    • ‘They approached local firm Mortimer Fabrications to construct a £300 aluminium luge for each of them to their own specifications.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A sport in which competitors make a timed descent of a course riding luges.
      ‘the finals of the women's luge’
      • ‘Sports most frequently training in Lake Placid include biathlon, bobsled, figure skating, ice hockey, luge, skiing and speed skating.’
      • ‘Perhaps the reason I prefer downhill skiing, luge, cross-country, speed skating, and other such sports in the Winter Olympics is that judging vagaries don't affect them.’
      • ‘Hayden's interest in luge started when she saw the sport for the first time while watching the 1994 Olympics on television.’
      • ‘All of the racing sports, the skiing and bobsled and speed skating and luge, are exercises in déjà vu.’
      • ‘Support for winter sports like the luge and bobsledding are being reduced because it is recognized Taiwan is unlikely to do well - since it has no snow slopes to speak of and training in the US or Europe is prohibitively expensive.’
      • ‘Shea tried bobsled and luge before attempting skeleton.’
      • ‘Her sliding career began in luge and she made the U.S. junior national team in 1996.’
      • ‘I love all the events: luge, speed skating, slalom, even curling!’
      • ‘Hackl, who is seeking his fourth straight gold medal in men's luge, trailed Armin Zoeggeler of Italy by 0.041 seconds after the first two heats of what became a scintillating duel.’
      • ‘The luge has been a Winter Olympic event for years, whereby competitors lie on a small, flat one-man sleigh not much bigger than a tea-tray, and speed downhill on icy bobsleigh runs.’
      • ‘You are a threat because our nation has a spirit that can overcome any enemy, at any time, in any place - except in luge.’
      • ‘Sled, an anomalous sculpture inspired by the equipment used in luge, is made of aluminum and plastic.’
      • ‘Clicking your way past less important sports such as the luge and the skeleton (yes, this is actually an event) you'll locate the abundance of games remaining before the gold medals are awarded.’
      • ‘It's humiliating to celebrate an eighth-place finish in the luge.’
      • ‘Every four years, our brave lads and lasses tend to venture to foreign slopes with faint expectations, which will be duly fulfilled, as they wind up racing to a plucky 32nd in the giant slalom or 29th in the luge.’
      • ‘And as well as the skiing, there is curling, skating, luge, sleigh rides and even hot-air ballooning.’
      • ‘I find it hard to imagine any activity more baffling than curling and the luge.’
      • ‘Doubles luge is a one-day competition in which pairs of athletes take two runs down a course.’
      • ‘After sliding to a ninth-place finish in doubles luge at his second Olympics, he had a confession to make.’
      • ‘She returned six months later and later dedicated herself to luge after graduating from high school in 1998.’


[no object]
  • Ride on a luge.

    ‘youths luged in a reckless style’
    • ‘I started luging at 14 years of age when a luge track was built in Muskegon.’
    • ‘I initially became interested in luging when I saw a documentary about it on television.’
    • ‘We can take the gondola/cable car/whatever you want to call it all the way up and go luging!’
    • ‘The 1st day was for exploring, the 2nd for luging and the 3rd for horseback riding, which was fantastic.’
    • ‘David and I also luged on the iced track wearing knee/elbow pads, a helmet and protective clothing.’
    • ‘The highlight of the trip for the kids was luging down the Great Wall on a special luge track.’
    • ‘We rode on the cable cars and chairlifts to the mountain top and luged part of the way down.’
    • ‘No group of fans have tasted the pure air at the top of the mountain and luged so quickly all the way back to the leaden smog.’
    • ‘We got helmets and a sled, and luged down the track.’
    • ‘We put on extra waterproofs and helmets, and then luged down the whole 3 kilometers.’
    • ‘You must go up the mountain on the Skyline Gondola so that you can experience the fun of luging back down again- 5 times!’
    • ‘I knew that she luged, but was still shocked to see that she was in the Olympics.’


Late 19th century (as a verb): from Swiss French.