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informal British
  • A person's ear.

    • ‘No, they don't do Oasis covers - heaven forbid - but the pummelling volume took my lugholes back to that school hall in 1994.’
    • ‘Well, it wasn't rock and roll as you would recognise it but there was certainly enough power and decibels to give the lugholes a good stinging.’
    • ‘Music that tinkles from the lugholes of passengers either side of you on the Clapham omnibus is not something that will be cherished.’
    • ‘I hate mobile phone-owners, particularly men who brag about the merits of their latest chatter boxes, plonk them on bars, restaurant tables, walk, drive or cycle with one glued to their lughole.’
    • ‘The next time British troops are dispatched to a war zone, no doubt they will be led by a battalion of the Queen's Own Ear-Clippers, who will beat the enemy into submission with well-aimed biffs on the lughole.’
    • ‘If I said sticking a lighted candle in your lughole will calm your mind, relax, soothe and revitalise you, you would think I'm three pints of beer short of a session.’
    • ‘She took great pleasure in screeching down my lughole at any given moment.’
    • ‘They then fire various low intensity beeps down your lughole.’
    • ‘Unlike last time, he had a full band behind him, the sound big and heavy, enough to leave my poor lugholes ringing for about 24 hours after.’
    • ‘They all sell ear plugs designed to reduce the assault on your poor lugholes without rendering you completely deaf.’
    organ of hearing



/ˈlʌɡhəʊl/ /ˈlʌɡəʊl/