Meaning of lugubriousness in English:


Pronunciation /lʊˈɡuːbrɪəsnəs/


See lugubrious

‘But despite its lugubriousness and morbidness I left the theater going over the narrative possibilities and what they implied about the characters in a surprisingly pleasant mood.’
  • ‘‘Coming from a depressed background has paid dividends,’ he later observed with characteristic lugubriousness.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, some other songs tend towards the kind of treacly lugubriousness that gives country music a bad name.’
  • ‘Besides helping to harmonise the King's familial arrangements Pompadour also brought an intense injection of fun into a court environment which had tended to reflect Louis' lugubriousness.’
  • ‘The good news is that, despite its lugubriousness, it's still a good motion picture - a clear improvement upon episode one.’