Meaning of lukewarmness in English:



See lukewarm

‘Madeline was a lush and a wine snob, a vegetarian, and a dreadful cook (once she had poached a thick hunk of cod to just that degree of lukewarmness that had reanimated the little white worms inside).’
  • ‘Jesus' invitation spoken from outside their doors is a request for fellowship with any individual, who will repent of and overcome the spiritual lukewarmness of their lives.’
  • ‘It is an urgent call to remain steadfast despite suffering, to repent of complacency and compromise, to move from lukewarmness and the middle of the road to heated commitment, and from disillusionment and despair to confidence and hope.’
  • ‘God's word repeated as prayer, spoken to one another as encouragement, reflected on when we are perplexed, can still cut through pain, confusion, and lukewarmness.’
  • ‘Such a state is what the Scriptures call lukewarmness, which to God is revolting.’