Meaning of lulu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːluː/

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  • An outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing.

    • ‘as far as nightmares went, this one was a lulu’
    • ‘At a Celebration of Reading ceremony in 2001, the president rattled off a dozen of his own lulus to a delighted audience.’
    • ‘However, knowing what I know, there are some lulus in the essay that I just can't ignore.’
    • ‘That's a lulu - imagine you had taken his advice and tried to log on to your internet account or exchange, only to find that even your perfectly reputable service had vanished into the ether.’
    • ‘Except that bit about scrapping the national companies' deficits once they get their house in order - that's a lulu which will have the Chancellor in fits.’
    • ‘Monday's debate was a lulu.’
    • ‘The semiotics professor from Indiana came up with a lulu.’
    • ‘They have come up with many stratagems to discredit the finding but the latest one is a lulu.’
    • ‘The next week, he and his wife have a knock-down drag out physical fight over this woman in Chicago, and he winds up with a lulu of a black eye and a broken pair of glasses.’
    • ‘Every important composer is entitled to write a stinker now and then, but he has surely produced a lulu.’
    • ‘Whether or not you dug The Dismemberment Plan, you have to admit that their parting shot is a real lulu.’
    • ‘He's come up with another lulu: ‘Liberalism's aversion to dogma makes it superior as a practical governing philosophy’.’
    • ‘She got her name when Marion exclaimed ‘That girl is one lulu of a singer!’’


Late 19th century perhaps from Lulu, pet form of the given name Louise.