Meaning of lulz in English:


Pronunciation /lʌlz/

plural noun

(also luls)
  • Fun, laughter, or amusement, especially that derived at another's expense.

    • ‘the splinter group embarked on a spree of daring cyberattacks for the lulz’
    • ‘it's clear that he posted this thread just to troll you and get a lot of luls’
    • ‘Did you send the guy to the ER? Lulz’
    • ‘Everything he did, he did it for the lulz.’
    • ‘We're half-way through the week and though I can't speak for everyone, to me it feels like a good time for some lulz to push the doldrums away.’
    • ‘But in the midst of all this human suffering, there were lulz to be had.’
    • ‘For all I knew, the service could be run by unscrupulous spammers or a troll looking for lulz.’
    • ‘Feel free to visit the website - it takes a while to load, but its well worth it for the lulz.’
    • ‘I don't hack for lulz but for moral reasons.’
    • ‘I have Latin AGAIN tomorrow, but I might see if I can leave early, just for the lulz.’
    • ‘Then we're going grocery shopping. Luls, excitement.’
    • ‘My guess is Mike just sits and laughs when he sees you posting taking the time to reply every once in a while just for the lulz.’
    • ‘Tim now has a great job at a company with Navy contracts (and other people, as he's telling me right now, luls) and excellent benefits.’
    • ‘Yet although many of LulzSec's attacks were perpetrated "for the lulz", the group was accused of attempted extortion by one US security company.’
    • ‘Yes, some hacks under LulzSec were done for the lulz, but there are lessons learned from them all.’
    • ‘We also got lost in a forest for the lulz.’
    • ‘Then you exploit their insecurities to get an insane amount of drama, laughs and lulz.’
    • ‘This brought on the lulz because if you were from around here you'd know people that have said that quite a lot.’
    • ‘Tim saw a famous retired hockey player (for the Rangers, I think), and the guy even had a duffel bag and hockey stick with him, luls.’
    • ‘If people winked in real life as much as they do in texts this world would be a pretty creepy place. Lulz.’
    • ‘My boss is in a huge fight with the manager here at the bowling alley - lulz are in the air.’
    • ‘I'm going to block you I you ever say anything like that again, lulz.’
    • ‘I hope the cops find you and arrest you, just for the lulz.’


Early 21st century alteration of lolz.