Meaning of luminaire in English:



  • A complete electric light unit (used especially in technical contexts)

    ‘the wide spread of light reduces the number of luminaires required per installation’
    • ‘Shielded lamps and indirect luminaires prevent the lighting installation from aggravating the problems of stress.’
    • ‘Designers use myriad combinations of light sources and luminaires to achieve this uniform visual effect.’
    • ‘When concealed in the ceiling, the luminaire emits light through a slot at the ceiling's edge which is directed down onto the wall by mirror.’
    • ‘However, with properly selected luminaires and lamp wattages, along with electronic ballasts and carefully planned layouts, a typical open office lighting scheme might connect at 1.25 watts per square foot.’
    • ‘The light-emitting surface was equipped with a translucent lens to diffuse the light and obscure the direct view of the individual fluorescent lamps suspended within the luminaire.’
    • ‘To ensure visual uniformity and light distribution, the quantity of luminaires are positioned to accommodate the changing plan and varying heights of the structure at each level.’
    • ‘Each office was equipped with a ceiling-mounted infrared motion sensor, a dimmer switch at the door and a portable desktop dimmer switch to control two 3-lamp 18-cell parabolic luminaires.’
    • ‘Manufacturers of lighting components have indicated the use of luminaires, controls and other products that improve the efficiency of lighting systems can be enough to push performance beyond what's required.’
    • ‘Students designed small luminaires that were integrated into a larger-scale installation called ‘LiteBEAM,’ a repetitive, luminous, suspended ceiling system.’
    • ‘Drag-and-drop tools for placing and positioning luminaires and other objects into 3D model spaces are much improved in this version, as is the interface for previewing materials.’
    • ‘Architects and designers can integrate these virtual luminaires into their own building simulations directly from the Internet through a drag and drop technique.’
    • ‘‘But cleaning luminaires has not been a high priority with many users as maintenance budgets are reduced,’ says Frank.’
    • ‘It is important that building designers as well as those who maintain existing structures understand where to place luminaires and what kinds to specify.’
    • ‘Oblique is an indirect luminaire, made in die-cast aluminium and fibreglass reinforced polyester resin, mounted on a 4m painted steel, stainless-steel, or an aluminium tapering pole.’
    • ‘The ducts diffuse and baffle the direct illumination of the fluorescent tubes to create a large scale luminaire.’
    • ‘Use of low efficiency lighting should be very carefully restricted - as a general rule, no luminaire should be rated more than 100 watts.’



/ˈluːmɪnɛː/ /ˌluːmɪˈnɛː/


Early 20th century from French.