Meaning of lummox in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌməks/

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informal North American
  • A clumsy, stupid person.

    • ‘watch it, you great lummox!’
    • ‘I will make life so hard for these wretched lummoxes who pass for my servants that the atrocities of Ivan the Terrible will seem like a fairy-picnic!’
    • ‘In my segment of over-privileged middle-class London, countless respectable parents are sheltering a great lummox of a son whose only apparent plan is never to amount to anything.’
    • ‘She also starts suggesting that, if the looming lummox had an ‘accident,’ no one would be overly heartbroken.’
    • ‘The bizarre incident nevertheless solidified the widespread public view that he was an inept lummox.’
    • ‘I mean, what gives her the right to call him a big lummox?’
    • ‘Things in the castle had changed a bit, there were new, larger halls here and there (I see the lummox has been busy).’
    • ‘Unless he could free the doomed lummox beneath him by sundown, he'd be on the south end of more drunken wagers than either man could count.’
    • ‘She is married to Phil, a pothead lummox who, along with his creepy best friend Bubba, paints houses for a living.’
    • ‘If he tried to get past him, the great lummox would surely notice him, so there was basically no way out.’
    • ‘It was a silly digression, but one that's effective in showing him as a flummoxed lummox.’
    • ‘Anyway, the point of this is that it was my big bro's birthday yesterday - the big lummox was 39.’
    • ‘‘They ain't fer you, ya big lummox,’ Becky Sue said.’
    • ‘You are a princess, and whether you like it or not, you were born for a greater purpose than frolicking around with that no good, filthy lummox you have attached yourself to.’
    • ‘I cannot see if you are in the way, you great lummox!’
    • ‘As amusing as this looks, Detective, get this lummox off me.’
    • ‘She just needs someone better than this lummox to play off of.’
    • ‘Surely you wouldn't rather stumble about with your thick-necked flatfooted lummox of a boyfriend.’
    • ‘And they hadn't a clue about the right products and materials for the job - one lummox had even ruined a stainless steel cooker by attacking it with a steel scourer.’
    • ‘Well let me tell you what I think, you big lummox.’
    • ‘But some lummox has to miss the decisive penalty, and I'm saying it'll be him.’
    idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod


Early 19th century of unknown origin.