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lunar module

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(also lunar excursion module)
  • A small craft used for travelling between the moon's surface and an orbiting spacecraft.

    ‘The crew scouted landing sites from lunar orbit and rendezvoused the lunar module and command module in a full dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 landing two months later.’
    • ‘Apollo traveled to the Moon with the lunar module attached to the command module.’
    • ‘They were going to test the command and service module and the lunar module together in space for the first time.’
    • ‘The entire Saturn V stack - all three stages of the rocket booster plus the command module and the lunar module on top - had less computing capacity combined than today's typical cell phone.’
    • ‘The three astronauts travelled in the command module, which was docked during flight to both the lunar module and the service module, the latter carrying fuel and supplies.’
    • ‘Trained on the Moon, such astonishing resolution should enable it to see the base of one or more of the six lunar modules that NASA insists landed on the moon between 1969 and 1972.’
    • ‘The tanks were used to fuel the descent and ascent stage rocket engines of the lunar module that landed astronauts on the moon and returned them to orbit.’
    • ‘Then, only a few months later, they sat glued to their TV screens to watch the ‘one small step’ of Neil Armstrong when the lunar module, Eagle, landed in the Sea of Tranquility, 240,000 miles away on the surface of the Moon.’
    • ‘While some lifeboat procedures had already been worked out for earlier missions, none addressed having to use the lunar module as a lifeboat with a damaged command module attached.’
    • ‘The center re-creates an Apollo-era launch and the Apollo 11 moon landing, including a full-sized lunar module that descends from a starry sky to the crater-scarred surface of the moon.’
    • ‘After their moon walk, the astronauts went back to their lunar module.’
    • ‘Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the U.S. flag, the lunar module, and a television camera are reflected in the face mask of astronaut Edwin Aldrin on the moon during the Apollo 11 moon landing in this July 20, 1969.’
    • ‘He had done all that with the help of his very own NASA pen pals one of them Armstrong, the other a man called Edwin Aldrin, better known as ‘Buzz’ and Michael Collins, commander of the lunar module.’
    • ‘But there was not much shielding in the lunar module, probably not much better than a space suit.’
    • ‘The theatre itself is shaped like the lunar module used to land on the moon and is placed within the fine architecture of the Royal Exchange.’
    • ‘Conrad and Bean spent a total of 7.5 hours on the lunar surface during their two trips outside the shelter of the lunar module.’
    • ‘The models are very realistic; in particular, the Eagle scout ships look like something that a space program might actually develop as a logical descendant of the Apollo lunar modules.’
    • ‘Were such an instrument to be pointed at the Moon instead, it would have a resolution of about 8 feet, making it possible to take pictures of the descent stages of the lunar modules left behind by the Apollo missions.’
    • ‘We watched as the workers carefully restored pieces of old airplanes, fighter jets and lunar modules.’
    • ‘Having won the goal set by John F Kennedy, America did not need to pump any more dollars into an effort whose public appeal had largely evaporated even before the first lunar module could blast itself homewards.’