Meaning of lunatic soup in English:

lunatic soup


mass noun informal Australian
  • Alcoholic drink of poor quality.

    • ‘he was full of lunatic soup, judging by the empty bottle’
    • ‘Only in the evening, after consuming six bottles of lunatic soup, did I become the fearless aquanaut you know and admire today.’
    • ‘He had a bagful of lunatic soup.’
    • ‘Mike had overindulged in all of the various forms of lunatic soup.’
    • ‘They seem to be a little less enthusiastic tonight with the lunatic soup.’
    • ‘I'm living in a single, basic room with just a one-bar heater, a mantel radio, and a flagon of lunatic soup.’
    • ‘You don't have to taste it all to know whether it's good stuff or lunatic soup.’
    • ‘"Why don't you mugs go and have another drink of lunatic soup?" I said.’
    • ‘It was a week after the incident with the new Australians on the lunatic soup and there had been no contact with them.’
    • ‘I drink lunatic soup from autumn to spring so I don't feel the cold.’