Meaning of lunch lady in English:

lunch lady


informal North American
  • A woman who serves meals to children in a school.

    • ‘I ran over to the lunch lady and bought three cookies’
    • ‘She whirled back to the cashier, just in time to give the lunch lady money for her meal.’
    • ‘I handed over my card for the lunch lady to swipe, saying hi.’
    • ‘When our kids go through the line the lunch ladies won't give them vegetables.’
    • ‘Our lunch ladies complained about the mess.’
    • ‘She worked there as a lunch lady on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for the past two years to supplement their family's income.’
    • ‘The line was now at a standstill ahead of me and I was forced to stare precariously at what the lunch ladies called "spaghetti and meatballs".’
    • ‘"This is important to me," Katrina stated, paying the lunch lady for her lunch.’
    • ‘When we finally reached the end of the line, I handed the lunch lady the money for the food, got a few napkins, and followed Amy out into the lunchroom.’
    • ‘Betty the lunch lady is still being stingier than usual about the food.’