Meaning of luncheon meat in English:

luncheon meat



mass noun
  • Finely minced cooked pork mixed with cereal, sold in a tin and typically eaten cold in slices.

    ‘Fresh meat is lower in sodium than luncheon meat, bacon, hot dogs, sausage and ham.’
    • ‘Other useful baits are pastes such as minced luncheon meat stiffened with crumb, this can then be flavoured if desired.’
    • ‘For most of his life he ate mainly raw meat, and would often carry luncheon meat and sausages in his pocket, pulling them out whenever he was hungry.’
    • ‘Just make sure to buy actual meat and not meat blends (baked ham versus ham luncheon meat, for example).’
    • ‘In the window were displayed cans of luncheon meat, double the price than those sold in the supermarket.’
    • ‘The ridiculous thing is, for the next three months they find they have no room in their cupboards due to huge tins of luncheon meat, bags of Brazil nuts and boxes of crystallised fruits that lay untouched.’
    • ‘Maggot, caster and luncheon meat are practically universal, but the slightly lesser barbel orientated baits are subject to regional preferences.’
    • ‘The hardness of a boiled bait does help in preventing these strange creature from demolishing it within a short time, as they can do to other baits such as worms, or luncheon meat.’
    • ‘It should become obvious why my preoccupation with the motivation of the youth opening the tin of luncheon meat is indeed a narrow and possibly unhelpful question.’
    • ‘A really good example of this is the River Severn, where every summer it takes a few weeks for the fish to really start to respond to baits such as luncheon meat and pellets.’
    • ‘In fact it's interesting to note that some very experienced barbel anglers feel it might take a barbel twenty four hours to digest a small cube of luncheon meat.’
    • ‘All of this is stored in a little rucksack along with a tin of luncheon meat, pot of worms, a few other creepy crawlies and half a loaf of bread.’
    • ‘This stuff is a little softer than luncheon meat so it is more suitable as a winter bait since the hook pulls out of it nicely.’
    • ‘When darkness falls you can switch to a bigger, smellier bait such as flavoured luncheon meat.’
    • ‘As a change of hookbait try using bread or luncheon meat on a big hook like a size eight or six.’
    • ‘Instead of relying on a misleading label, simply avoid foods such as luncheon meat, cheese and whole milk that are naturally high in fat.’
    • ‘I bought twelve packages of luncheon meat, got down to the car and found they were not in my bags but about six items I hadn't purchased were.’
    • ‘Or it can be added into luncheon meat that is exported to Japan.’
    • ‘In particular, patients should be advised to reduce their intake of processed foods such as luncheon meat and fast foods.’
    • ‘Tippet got the luncheon meat, mayo, mustard, tomato, and lettuce out.’