Meaning of luncheonette in English:



North American
  • A small, informal restaurant serving light lunches.

    ‘I woke up late and grabbed a cup of coffee in a rundown luncheonette.’
    • ‘I sipped coffee and savored the smells in the aging luncheonette.’
    • ‘‘This little Restaurant is a favorite with the girls,’ said Leslie passing a little luncheonette that would absolutely not suit Dean or Matt.’
    • ‘It was a luncheonette by the dental school.’
    • ‘Ana dashed out of the store to the luncheonette across the street.’
    • ‘The hostess at a candy-store luncheonette leaned out the door to watch.’
    • ‘I had found a small luncheonette on Merrimack Street the night before, so we headed there for a good meal to start the day.’
    • ‘He was a nice guy named Thomas that I met in a small luncheonette where I was trying to do my term paper.’
    • ‘The luncheonette in downtown Sea Bright displays some starkly revealing aerial photos.’
    • ‘They spend an inordinate amount of time in both Jerry's apartment and a local luncheonette.’
    • ‘The following morning, Bob ordered breakfast at a luncheonette in downtown Pittsburgh, having traversed the entire length of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘He tells me this while sipping a Coke in a small downtown Lewiston luncheonette on a wintry afternoon.’



/ˌlʌn(t)ʃəˈnɛt/ /ˌlʌn(t)ʃnˈɛt/