Meaning of lunula in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːnjʊlə/

nounplural noun lunulae/ˈluːnjʊliː/

  • 1The white area at the base of a fingernail.

    ‘In patients with severe renal disease, the proximal portion of the nail bed can turn white, obliterating the lunula and giving a half-brown, half-white appearance, also called half-and-half nails.’
    • ‘The whitish, half-moon-shaped area at the base of your nail is called the lunula (LOO-nu-luh).’
    • ‘The whitish crescent-shaped area at the base of the nail is called the lunula.’
    • ‘Injuries classified as zone II are located distal to the lunula of the nail bed and are complicated by the bony exposure of the distal phalanx.’
    • ‘The lateral sides of the nail plate show exaggerated convexity, the lunula disappears, and the nail takes on a yellow hue.’
  • 2A crescent-shaped Bronze Age ornament worn as a necklace.

    half-moon, sickle-shape, semicircle


Late 16th century (denoting a crescent-shaped geometrical figure): from Latin, diminutive of luna ‘moon’.