Meaning of lurex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈl(j)ʊərɛks/


mass noun Trademark
  • A type of yarn or fabric which incorporates a glittering metallic thread.

    as modifier ‘a green lurex dress’
    • ‘Also, introduced for the first time in the United States were dimensional cut velvet jacquards with gold lurex.’
    • ‘The winning nomination, according to the team of judges was, ‘Awarded for a fur-like, silver lurex shiny fabric, with lustre and matte finish interwoven.’’
    • ‘Organza makes a great splash along with tulle, lace, elegant luxury fabrics combined with glittering Chantilly, crushed velvet, jersey with lurex and iridescent cady.’
    • ‘The new designs incorporate the pocket embroidery and the same dark colors of the original, but are updated with stretch and modern treatments such as gold lurex threads and rhinestones.’
    • ‘The clothing is available in a vast variety of weights, with plush effects, blended with silk, mohair, wool and lurex in the ways that make Avon Celli garments instantly recognizable.’
    • ‘These prints coordinated with the firm's printed, knitted velvet and lurex sheer knits.’
    • ‘Oriental prints were used on dresses reinforcing the Geisha girl theme while lurex and sequin dresses offered glamour for the evening.’
    • ‘As well as merino, lurex also features - a shiny, stretchy icon of the '70s.’
    • ‘I have never seen so many black and silver lurex cardigans and neatly pressed chinos in one place before.’
    • ‘Knitwear is key and appears in every imaginable form: an ankle-length Aran dress, long tweedy knit cardigan, sexy fine knit evening top shot with lurex, dainty lace effect camisole or soft stripe sweater.’
    • ‘In the mid-1980's he had purchased a rather dramatic lurex jacket which had a tailor's label bearing the word MERC with the device of a mounted horseman.’
    • ‘Tiny lurex tops, bumfreezer leggings and high heels, this gang with red-painted lips and rouged cheeks and hair coiffed high ran riot.’
    • ‘So we went, and these guys came out in make-up, high heels and lurex.’
    • ‘The lurex and chain versions were adopted by the more street-wise city dwellers at the same time.’
    • ‘A touch of transcendental chic is evidenced by a novel mechanics' overall and a little good-natured eccentricity comes through by means of a velvet bomber jacket and a lurex mock turtle.’


1940s of unknown origin.