Meaning of luridly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈljʊərɪdli/


See lurid

‘The female characters are luridly described as, ‘a large woman, her legs were as thick as tree trunks… She had a small waist and large booty which switched from side to side with each step she took.’’
  • ‘The fatal truck has ‘Jesus Saves’ painted luridly along the side; earlier, the driver, Jack, had confidently talked of Jesus picking out that truck just for him, because God has a detailed plan for us all.’
  • ‘No matter how toe - curlingly awful the King's TV and pop music references become, they simply cannot compete with the luridly unforgettable image of Janette in 80s Madonna-style basque and suspenders.’
  • ‘If the virus mutates, we could still be looking at a terrible problem - which is why the quiet contingency plans prepared by government, and then leaked with luridly alarming headlines, are mere common sense.’
  • ‘Once a font of musical ideas both wildly original and luridly commercial, hip-hop has become embroiled in a protracted bout of tail-chasing.’