Meaning of lustred in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌstəd/


  • (especially of ceramics) having an iridescent surface; shining.

    ‘Apart from the ingenious designs, set off by the lustred tin-glaze, the specific heraldic programme gives them a unique place in Niculoso's oeuvre.’
    • ‘The Medici tiles from the Castel S Angelo and from Tentudia are unusual in that they are entirely tin-glazed - either white, stained with blue or manganese, or lustred.’
    • ‘This shows the Medici device of a diamond ring with two feathers, as on the Valencian lustred vase in the British Museum.’
    • ‘It could not have been lustred, and the bright polychrome is entirely out of key with the blue and gold of the other tiles.’
    • ‘The other is the name majolica, applied to lustred ware at first, and afterwards to all Italian faience.’
    • ‘The beads are then lustred all over with mother of pearl giving them a beautiful sheen like oil on water.’
    • ‘They are supported by patinated bronze bases formed as peacock feathers inset with lustred favrille glass balls.’
    • ‘The only exception to this is our range of lustred ware - the silver, gold, and platinum lustred items should not be used in dishwashers.’
    • ‘Before passing to the examination of these lustred wares in more detail a few particulars of the Maestro, Giorgio Andreoli, must be noted.’
    • ‘Gerry Unsworth makes lustred, smoked pots, contrasting the sophistication of the refracted lustre surface with the soft free smoke effects.’
    • ‘I've used dark green sea glass with a bronze coloured wire, gorgeous lustred beads, bronze filigree beads, and a couple of green seed beads.’
    • ‘This round lustred Maiolica dish was tin-glazed and coated with a luster glaze.’