Meaning of lusus naturae in English:

lusus naturae

nounplural noun lusus naturae/-suːs/ , plural noun lususes

  • A freak of nature.

    ‘they said he was wonderful, surprisingly fit, a lusus naturae’
    • ‘More specifically, the Old Man represented a kind of curiosity called the lusus naturae, a play or joke of nature.’
    • ‘At length by mere accident I discovered an extraordinary lusus naturae in the disposition of the right subclavian artery.’
    • ‘On Sunday last, a cow of the Durham breed calved, along with a remarkably fine bull calf, which is still alive, a very curious lusus naturae.’
    mutant, variant, variation, freak, freak of nature, deviant, monstrosity, monster, deformity


lusus naturae

/ˌluːsəs nəˈtjʊəriː/ /-rʌɪ/


Latin, literally ‘a sport of nature’.