Meaning of luteal in English:


Pronunciation /luːˈtɪəl/


  • Relating to the corpus luteum.

    ‘It is secreted by the corpus luteum during pregnancy and by the ovaries during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.’
    • ‘After ovulation the empty follicle left behind in the ovary is remodelled, and it plays an important role in the second half of the menstrual cycle, known as the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle.’
    • ‘There is no such thing as a physiological cyst in a postmenopausal woman, therefore, because there are no follicles or luteal cysts in the postmenopausal ovary.’
    • ‘Women who have low levels of progesterone in repeated menstrual cycles, diagnosed by blood tests and endometrial biopsy, have what is called a luteal phase defect.’
    • ‘Other potential causes of androgen excess and menstrual irregularities include conditions unique to pregnancy, such as luteoma and a hyperactive luteal body.’