Meaning of luthier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈluːtɪə/


  • A maker of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars.

    ‘Becoming a luthier - someone who practices the art of making stringed instruments - ‘is the most rewarding thing I've ever done,’ Anderberg said.’
    • ‘With today's emphasis on quality vintage reissues, custom shop axes from the major companies and more boutique luthiers than ever, there are tons of wonderful new guitars.’
    • ‘Snagg's database is available to law enforcement officials, dealers, repair shops, and luthiers.’
    • ‘The luthier's clamp is just one of several screw clamps of unusual shape used in making string instruments.’
    • ‘However, these can vary from the gauge-like tools of the luthier to dados cutting wide grooves.’
    • ‘His earliest wood sculptures, suggesting unlikely mergers of Constructivism and West African ethnographic objects, displayed joinery worthy of a piano builder or luthier.’
    • ‘Also on display in the library is a hand-made acoustic guitar, custom designed by Newry luthier Mickey Loughran for Danny's brother Mickey of Hilton Showband fame.’
    • ‘They have two luthiers on staff who can handle all sorts of special work.’
    • ‘I have owned instruments made by a wide variety of luthiers from both the UK and abroad.’
    • ‘In this way Avalon luthiers can harness the power and vibrancy of soundbox acoustic dynamics into an ensemble of resonant voices to give the player a rich, expressive and varied tone palette.’
    • ‘Historical luthiers are listed on the Makers page.’


Late 19th century from French, from luth ‘lute’.