Meaning of lych-house in English:


(also lich-house)

Pronunciation /ˈlɪtʃhaʊs/


  • A building in which dead bodies are kept until burial or cremation.

    ‘He had the corpse brought up and laid in his lych-house.’
    • ‘He thought the lych-house, at the entrance of the cemetery, a most necessary building, and one which should be provided in all instances.’
    • ‘Then came the mournful detail - Six Bearers with staves and planks sent off to bring the Stranger - my Lych House cleared and a plank or two laid to receive the dead.’
    • ‘Whenever I visited the cemetery as a youngster, the lich-house frightened me even more than the graves themselves’
    mortuary, funeral parlour, funeral chapel, funeral home


Middle English from Old English līc ‘body’ + house.