Meaning of lying-in-state in English:




  • The display of the corpse of a public figure for public tribute before it is buried or cremated.

    ‘the Maori honoured him with a lying-in-state at Pipitea Marae’
    • ‘But so far the Song memorial sculpture, which will be unveiled at the site of his ceremonial lying-in-state, has proved to be far less controversial.’
    • ‘Downing Street dropped its complaint over stories that Tony Blair's aides sought a more prominent role for the Prime Minister at the lying-in-state of the Queen Mother.’
    • ‘He accused Labour Ministers and MPs of attempting to discredit Sir Michael, who was in charge of the arrangements for the lying-in-state at Westminster Hall.’
    • ‘Politicians are mercilessly brought to book when they fail but nobody holds the media to account when it gets it wrong, as it almost certainly has over the lying-in-state.’
    • ‘His last trials were, by his own wish, reported with total frankness to the media, and he was lovingly and beautifully embalmed for his lying-in-state.’
    • ‘The Queen had already arrived and came to join the procession as it was borne inside to the waiting catafalque and to the start of the lying-in-state.’
    • ‘As a matter of record, we have never claimed that the Prime Minister personally sought a greater role for himself in the Queen Mother's lying-in-state.’
    • ‘Challenged over the allegation of muscling in on the Queen Mother's lying-in-state, Mr Blair tightened visibly to say: ‘I stand by everything I said on this.’’
    • ‘It was the most hectic day yet of the Queen Mother's lying-in-state, with the queues stretching close to three miles.’