Meaning of lyrist in English:



  • 1A person who plays the lyre.

    ‘‘Beyond the Sea’ began its long journey as the immensely popular French song ‘La Mer,’ written by lyrist and composer Charles Trenet.’
    • ‘After dropping a few coins for the lyrist and a quick farewell to Joseph, Alexander shuffled through the door.’
  • 2A lyric poet.

    ‘The ‘Pilgrim of Eternity’ is Byron and the ‘sweetest lyrist’ from wild Ierne is Thomas Moore.’
    • ‘He got the song penned by the well-known Tamil cinema lyrist Vairamuthu and the anthem cassette is played on every Monday and Friday morning.’
    • ‘Robert, who has been favourably known for some years as one of our rising lyrists, committed suicide at his lodgings at Solentsea on Saturday evening last by shooting himself in the right temple with a revolver.’
    poet, versifier, verse-maker, rhymester, rhymer, sonneteer, lyricist, lyrist, elegist




Mid 17th century from Latin lyrista, from Greek luristēs, from lura ‘lyre’.