Meaning of lyse in English:


Pronunciation /lʌɪz/


  • Undergo or cause to undergo lysis.

    no object ‘the cell usually lyses and releases mature virus particles’
    • ‘the cells may be lysed by sonication, or in a hypotonic buffer solution’
    • ‘When the spores completely fill the host cell cytoplasm, the cell lyses and releases the spores to the surroundings.’
    • ‘As the bacteria are released from the newly lysed cell, more macrophages begin the process of phagocytosis, and the cycle continues.’
    • ‘Then, they were thawed in 30 ml lysis buffer and immediately lysed.’
    • ‘This enzyme kills gram-positive bacteria by lysing their cell wall, notes Johnson.’
    • ‘Virus particles assemble within host cells and are released by lysing the cell.’


Early 20th century back-formation from lysis.