Meaning of lysimeter in English:


Pronunciation /lʌɪˈsɪmɪtə/


  • An apparatus for measuring changes due to moisture loss, percolation, etc. undergone by a body of soil under controlled conditions.

    ‘Plants grown in a field lysimeter on two soil types were subjected to progressive drought during vegetative growth.’
    • ‘We do this with intact soil core lysimeters; I can send you information on that, too, if you'd like.’
    • ‘Gravitational solutions were collected at the litter layer level by four sets of nine thin, tensionless lysimeters to limit the disturbance of the forest floor.’
    • ‘Devices called lysimeters are sometimes inserted into the ground to collect subsurface water, called leachate.’
    • ‘We're in the process of shutting down our long term compost utilization project and we need to dismantle the lysimeters that are installed below the plow layer throughout the field.’


Late 19th century from Greek lusis ‘loosening’ + -meter.