Meaning of Lysol in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪsɒl/


mass noun Trademark
  • A disinfectant consisting of a mixture of cresols and soft soap.

    ‘For cleaning, I liberally spray Lysol or Clorox disinfectant onto the blade and anvil, and then vigorously work to remove all plant sap using 600 grain sandpaper for metal.’
    • ‘Madison's room was eerily dark and quiet, and the smell of lemon flavored Lysol permeated throughout the air.’
    • ‘He says to wash and dry your sneakers, change socks daily (or more if you're prone to sweating), spray shoes with Lysol and sprinkle with foot powder.’
    • ‘I wound up cleaning it up, then rubbing some baking soda into it and spraying a bit of Lysol.’
    • ‘There was a funny smell when I moved in so I sprayed a ton of Lysol, and I brush my teeth a lot.’
    • ‘It had some random ghouls in it, so we swept the isles and took out maybe 5, dragged them out and used Lysol to disinfect the place.’
    • ‘I'd have preferred a cot until they got us semipermanent billets to stay in; at least cots can be sprayed with Lysol.’
    • ‘Do we really need to be told not to spray Lysol into our eyes?’
    • ‘Fajngold took to spraying Oskar with Lysol to rid him of the infestation of lice that the Russian soldiers had delivered.’
    • ‘Spray yourself with Lysol liberally so you never have to wash again!’
    • ‘My mother really did spray my computer with Lysol because she was afraid of catching computer viruses.’
    • ‘He had taken to cleaning everything with Lysol and was constantly polishing and shining.’
    • ‘They called us Mongoloids, told us to go back to the reserve and drink Lysol.’
    • ‘The house stinks of skunk, bleach, Lysol, and bayberry room freshener (it was there, so I sprayed)… but mostly skunk.’
    • ‘I can't remember if it was Lysol or some other kind of disinfectant, but it was obvious that she was spraying something before we got off the plane.’
    • ‘Soak them for three hours in a solution of one teaspoon of Lysol per one quart of water.’
    • ‘No, but if I ever find them around here, I'll spray your eyes out with Lysol after I decontaminate my room.’
    • ‘They get sick if you put them in a bubble and spray them in the eyeballs with Lysol.’
    • ‘He picked up the can of Lysol that was sitting next to him and sprayed the area as best as he could.’
    • ‘And good to her word, Anita brought up a neat bucket full of Lysol and Pine Sol, and bleach.’


Late 19th century from -lysis+ -ol.