Meaning of lysosomal in English:




See lysosome

‘However, at closer examination the other organelles are certainly mentioned, as they are implicated in lysosomal, peroxisomal, or mitochondrial diseases.’
  • ‘The extent of lysosomal lysis in the hypotonic solution, i.e. the degree of their sensitivity to the osmotic shock, can be examined by the measurement of their enzyme latency loss.’
  • ‘The leukocytes eventually destroy the pathogens by phagocytosis and lysosomal fusion that expose bacteria to lytic enzymes.’
  • ‘Intracellular bacteria are subjected to several bacteriocidal mechanisms in the macrophages such as free oxygen radicals and phagosome lysosomal activity.’
  • ‘The osmotic gradient across the membranes can drive an influx of water, which causes the lysosomal lysis.’