Main meanings of m in English

: m1M2M3


Pronunciation /ɛm/

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  • 1Mare.

  • 2Married.

    • ‘m twice; two d’
  • 3Masculine.

  • 4

    (also m-)
    in combination Meta-

    • ‘m-xylene’
  • 5Metre(s).

  • 6Mile(s).

  • 7in combination (in units of measurement) milli-

    • ‘the generator operated at 40 kV and 100 mA’
  • 8Million(s)

    • ‘£5 m’
  • 9Minute(s).

  • Mass.

    • ‘E = mc²’

Main meanings of M in English

: m1M2M3


Pronunciation /ɛm/

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nounplural noun Ms, plural noun M's

(also m)
  • 1The thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

    ‘I'm 30 and have had the exact same problem for many years -- and only just recently realized dilemma has two M's and no N.’
    • ‘Remember, his name has two M's in it.’
    1. 1.1Denoting the next after L in a set of items, categories, etc.
  • 2The Roman numeral for 1,000.

    ‘The Roman numerals C and M sometimes did not mean 100 or 1000 (see hundred).’
    • ‘What number equals the Roman numeral M?’


    From Latin mille.

Main meanings of M in English

: m1M2M3


Pronunciation /ɛm/

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  • 1Cricket
    (on scorecards) maiden over(s).

  • 2Male.

  • 3Malta (international vehicle registration).

  • 4Medium (as a clothes size).

  • 5in combination (in units of measurement) mega-

    • ‘8 Mbytes of memory’
  • 6Astronomy
    Messier (catalogue of nebulae)

    • ‘the galaxy M33’
  • 7Chemistry
    (with reference to solutions) molar.

    • ‘0.15 M NaCl solution’
  • 8Monsieur.

    • ‘M Chirac’
  • 9(in UK road designations) motorway.

    • ‘the M25’
  • 10Used with following numeral in measures of money supply.

    • ‘broad money, M3, grew by an annualized 9.7 per cent’

  • Mutual inductance.