Meaning of maasbanker in English:


Pronunciation /mɑːsˈbaŋkə/

nounplural noun maasbanker, plural noun maasbankers

South African
another term for horse mackerel
‘And that means the fish they are feeding on, described last week as anchovies and maasbanker - it's too early for sardines - are still hanging around.’
  • ‘With maasbanker prices at record high levels, the Namibian fishery was a marginal contributor to profit.’
  • ‘The third is the one with the more extensive range, down to S. Africa, where it is called maasbanker because of its supposed resemblance to a freshwater fish of the River Maas in the Netherlands.’
  • ‘While catches have declined in recent years, the maasbanker may yet prove to be underexploited.’


From Dutch marsbanker.