Meaning of mace bearer in English:

mace bearer


  • An official who walks before a dignitary on ceremonial occasions, carrying a mace that represents the dignitary's authority.

    ‘her husband acted as mace bearer for the mayor’
    • ‘Marlborough mace bearer Bob Dobbs is a great traditionalist, right down to following in the footsteps of his late uncle Fred.’
    • ‘They were led by their officers, the town clerk, borough beadle Alan Johnson and mace bearers Tony Saunders and Derek Smith.’
    • ‘They're all sizes and nationalities, a crowd of curious youngsters who gather around the two mayors and their mace bearers with interest.’
    • ‘The mayor and six previous mayors, preceded by the city's senior mace bearer, all on horseback, received them in great splendour.’
    • ‘Henry is shown surrounded by a host of footmen, officials and dignitaries, a mace bearer, a crowd of nobles, and six trumpeters.’
    • ‘On the ride back mace bearer Len sums up the difference between Croydon and York.’
    • ‘Fred was one of town's pair of mace bearers for years in the 1940s and 1950s.’
    • ‘Councillor Collins headed up to York with his mace bearer Len Charles to tour this city's attractions.’
    • ‘First come the mace bearers, then the officials, pages, horsemen, drummers and trumpeters, all dressed in colorful costumes of the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘He took over as sword and mace bearer and became town crier in May 2005.’