Meaning of machine-like in English:



  • Resembling or characteristic of a machine.

    ‘gigantic masts, with their machine-like appearance’
    • ‘a monotonous life, operating with machine-like regularity’
    • ‘Some complained that the almost machine-like efficiency of his play made him boring to watch.’
    • ‘They have to be understood as human beings and separated out from the machine-like business systems.’
    • ‘As computers become more human-like, humans will become more machine-like.’
    • ‘The robots are realised beautifully, but they're also old-fashioned robots - so blocky and machine-like.’
    • ‘Right after The Origin of Species was published, he wrote a whole book on the complex machine-like devices in orchid flowers.’
    • ‘Using phone interviews, men and women were questioned by either a live person, a recorded human voice or a machine-like voice.’
    • ‘In Hard Times he seems not to be directing his attack against machinery but against what Carlyle would have seen as a machine-like mentality.’
    • ‘He also came to know and admire the machine-like designs of the artists and designers working at the Bauhaus school of art in Germany.’
    • ‘In her brain began the methodical and often machine-like thought process of dealing with catastrophic equipment failure during a freefall.’
    • ‘Every sound fits appropriately within the game's digital world, with many vocal utterances seemingly processed by filters to lend them a menacing or machine-like tone.’
    • ‘A smooth and machine-like precision doesn't necessarily mean that the customer is made to feel at home.’
    • ‘There's something wonderfully machine-like about the operation.’
    • ‘If organisations and the individuals within them operated in a machine-like fashion, institutionalising best practice would be straightforward.’
    • ‘He conveyed a sort of dehumanized, machinelike approach.’
    • ‘She had a machinelike way of going on about a topic, as though she were speaking to imbeciles.’
    • ‘The mixture of nearly machinelike order and organic irregularities implies that intuition and reason are working simultaneously.’
    • ‘Up close, one can see that despite their appearance of machinelike regularity, each geometric shape is painstakingly painted with short, thick, horizontal strokes layered, bricklike, in row upon row.’
    automatic, machine-like, unthinking, unemotional, unconscious, involuntary, instinctive, routine, matter-of-fact, habitual, inattentive