Meaning of machine intelligence in English:

machine intelligence


mass noun
  • another term for artificial intelligence

    ‘advances in machine intelligence may someday threaten our sense of selfhood’
    • ‘At Bletchley Park Turing illustrated his ideas on machine intelligence by reference to chess.’
    • ‘Still, some AI researchers believe that true machine intelligence is possible - even inevitable.’
    • ‘He posits that we will soon be facing a similar question through the merger of human and machine intelligence.’
    • ‘Hanson believes that the best chance for creating an advanced machine intelligence will be through simply "copying the brain".’
    • ‘That's the goal of an initiative that wants to make a quantum leap in machine intelligence.’
    • ‘As artificial intelligence advances, the bar for judging authentic machine intelligence continues to rise.’
    • ‘A distinctive feature will be that machine intelligence will have exceeded and even merged with human intelligence.’
    • ‘If self-conscious machine intelligence does emerge, will it inevitably see human beings as rivals and threats?’
    • ‘Machine intelligence is predicted to exceed that of humans as soon as 2030.’
    • ‘His talk revolves around the topic of machine intelligence, taking as its main tenet the fact that computers are incapable of developing consciousness.’